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OMA Carga have innovative facilities and services to attend and promote cargo operations, both Air and Ground foreign trade, contributing to the value chain of our customers.

We have areas of customs clearance, parking to support the cargo area, warehouses, taxiways and platforms for aircraft, as well as offices for cargo representations, offices for customs agents and point of sale premises for courier companies and logistics services, which facilitates the transportation of foreign trade goods.

Customs Zone

Modern and wide facilities for the operation and customs recognition of import and export:

• Vehicle access LTL/TL

• Independent modules

• Import platform

• Export platform

• Banking module

• Fiscal route of connectivity to the warehouse and air platform

Bonded warehouse

OMA's warehouse facilities offer the services of storage, handling and custody of Foreign Trade goods in the three airports, Maneuvers authorization at the Monterrey Airport and a Phytosanitary Inspection Point of Control in Ciudad Juarez, with an extensive infrastructure and technology that allow grant him the security and confidence that his operations require.

• Inventory Control System

• X-ray equipment

• Refrigeration Area

• CCTV 24/7 365

• Surveillance and Access Controls

• 22 platforms (MTY - CUU - CJS)

• Leveling Ramps

• Scales up to 30 Tons

• Sanitary Inspection Point

• Cargo and Maneuver Area

Freight representative offices

Some of our cargo terminals have spaces for representative offices, Parcel companies, Customs Agencies, Freight Forwarders, Transport lines, etc.

This development allows immediate attention to their operations to the value chain integrators.            

  • Acapulco
    Ciudad Juárez
    San Luis Potosí