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Occupational Health and Safety

For OMA, the care, physical integrity and health of its employees are a priority, therefore, as a strategic objective from the top management, established the promotion of a safe and healthy working environment.

To achieve this objective, OMA has an integrated management system for all of its airports that allows identifying and control health and safety risks, reduce potential accidents, support compliance of laws, and improve performance in general through elements such as:

  • Procedures to identify, evaluate, and control risks.
  • Medical and working environment studies.
  • Participation of the Unions and workers.
  • Training programs, awarness and competence.
  • Communication of risks to employees, suppliers, contractors, and visitors.
  • Preparation and response to emergencies.
  • Compliance audits and programmed inspections.
  • Measurement and monitoring indicators.
In 2011, OMA achieved OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification in a multisite scheme for our 13 airports, which establishes a system to mitigate risks to safety and healt of our staff and other persons associated with the daily operation. 

View our Certificates in OHSAS 18001:2007
The preventive approach of our programs and the proper implementation of these elements, allow us to improve performance in the field of occupational health and safety, and maintain as a permanent target ZERO ACCIDENTS and ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES in all of our airports.

In addition, a part of the continuous improvement in our processes, all of our airports:
  • Participate in the Self-management Program of Occupational Health and Safety, promoted by the Department of Labor and Social Welfare.
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  • Account with the Certification for Companies Free of Addictions granted by PREMEDITEST.
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OMA is convinced that the care of its people is fundamental for the success of its operations and continuous systematic and standardized security and health management at work in all airports is key to achieve our objectives.
You can find more information about our  Occupational Health and Safety performance in our Sustainability Report.

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