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Operating Safety

In its commitment to Safety, OMA integrates management activities through the fulfillment of Operational Regulations: physical characteristics, configuration, performance, staff and procedures considered necessary or desirable for the safety and regularity of operation, so that the risks associated with the operation of our airports are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level. 

To this end it has adopted a systematic approach for the management of Safety, which includes the organizational structure, responsibility lines, political and procedures necessary for that purpose.

The management activities of Safety developed by OMA include:


Process by which the airport staff constantly monitor the operating condition of the facilities and services to maintain the safety and efficiency of airport conditions. 


There are local and regional training programs for the ARFF staff, external training, as well as a virtual platform for operations staff. The objective of the training is to achieve the staff develop the implementation activities and monitoring of safety efficiently and effectively. 

Aerodrome Certification

Process by which demonstrates that the physical characteristics and operation of aerodromes: infrastructure, equipment, services and staff, to meet the described and specified in Annex 14 to the Convention about International Civil Aviation and with domestic regulation (Law of Airports, Civil Aviation Law and their respective regulations, NOM and mandatory circular).

Wildlife Management

OMA has integrated Hazardous Wildlife Management Program with the aim to prevent and address the risks posed by the presence of birds and mammals within the boundaries of the airport and area of movement, through different activities such as: the integration of a Local Wildlife and Risk Aviary Control Sub-Committee; the preparation of a Diagnosis of Risk and Wildlife Management Plan for each of its airports and; the implementation of the Wildlife Management Plan using techniques such as the management of habitat, deterrent, harassment and exclusion of organisms, in strict adherence to the existing aeronautical and environmental regulations. 

Excellence ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting)

The objective of the Excellence ARFF is to have a Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service: Equipment, tool and staff, according to the established standards in the national and international regulations.

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