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The National Immigration Institute regulates the entrance to and departure from Mexican territory by person.
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The Customs Administration Department is the authority in charged of supervising and controlling the entrance and exit of merchandise, and the means by which it is transported.

When arriving on an international flight:
  1. Fill out the Customs Declaration Form
  2. Once you have claimed your luggage, you will have to go through the screening process, and follow the directions of the customs agents
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Customs Declaration Form

Please follow these steps to fill out the form:
  1. Use black or blue ink
  2. Provide the following information on the corresponding lines
  3. Passenger or family representative’s complete name, and nationality
  4. Address in Mexico or abroad
  5. Passport number and country od issue. Fill in the circles corresponding to your passport number
  6. Flight number. Fill in  the circles corresponding to your flight number
  7. Name of persons flying with you. Fill in the circle indicating the number of persons. If you are traveling alone, fill in the zero.
  8. Bags. Fill in the circle indicating the number of bags you are traveling with
  9. Answer yes or no to the questions about merchandise your are transporting
Note: If you don’t have a passport, fill in the zero circles five times. If the flight number has fewer than four digits, start by entering zeroes.
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