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What does it mean when my merchandise is held “in-bond” by Customs?

Some import or export procedure is missing or improperly executed and needs to be completed according to Customs Law standards. 
It may be in a Customs warehouse. If goods are held in-bond, the client doesn't have access to it without authorization from customs. In other cases you may contact the customs warehouse designated by your courier and delivery company. These companies generally have call center service or internet tracking so customers can access their information.

What is OMA Carga?

OMA Carga are bonded warehouses in the Customs areas at the Monterrey, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez and Reynosa airports that provide a more efficient and competitive service to the international airfreight sector. You can find more information at:

What steps need to be taken to land at an OMA airport?

  • With plenty of anticipation a letter must be sent to the local airport administrator indicating the operation to be carried out and specifying the aircraft type, as well the date and time the operation will take place. Airport contacts
  • An OMA representative will contact you with further instructions.

When my merchandise arrives at the airport, how can I retrieve it?

Your cargo will be under the care of the courier or delivery company you have chosen for transportation. The airport has no control over it, nor does it have information for any specific cargo. You must contact the courier or delivery company.

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