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OMA’s airfreight terminals are designed in a comprehensive manner to cluster airfreight companies inside the airport. They are the first specialized airfreight terminals in Mexico.

First Class Airfreight Facilities:

Customs Operations Area

The Customs operations area clears merchandise for foreign trade, with independent modules for export-import, inspection/checkpoint platforms, banking modules and customs routes for heavy freight loads.

Backup parking for the cargo area

The parking for visitors, clients, operators and cargo vehicles is located near the dispatch facilities for the convenience and safety of the cargo operations.

Freight representative offices

Some of our airfreight terminals have representative offices in the public area of the cargo area for customs brokers, transport agencies, banks, airfreight agencies and other businesses that have activities in our terminals.

Airplane taxiways and platforms

Platforms and taxiways for cargo planes are located in front of the cargo warehouses.


Equipped with: x ray machines, scales, cold rooms, cctv, access controls, mezzanine-level offices, trailer platforms with leveling ramps, freight yards, and fast action rollup doors in the warehouses.