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Monterrey is the best choice for companies interested in air freight to Mexico, both as final destination or logistical center. The many industrial operations in the state, proximity to the U.S. border, and its status as the third most important city in the country give this cargo center invaluable advantage.

The Monterrey Airport is at the forefront of airfreight facilities in Mexico, with 60,000 m2 for cargo operations.

Cargo area location


  • In-bond zone
  • Two platforms: Import / Export
  • Confiscation warehouse
  • Merchandise inspection platforms
  • Parking for 359 cars and 59 trailers

These facilities offer:

  • X-ray zone
  • Each platform can handle 9 trailers at a time
  • Excellent roads for trailers and cars
  • Utilities
  • Fire extinction equipment
  • Traffic lights
  • Water treatment plant