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Zacatecas is a radiant city endowed by nature with astounding mining riches. It is a magical city where you can enjoy history, art, culture, and the traditions of a noble and loyal people. A monumental city filled with magnificent 18th and 19th century buildings, churches and colonial era convents.

Geographic Location

The city of Zacatecas is smack in the center of Mexico. It's strategic location in North-Central Mexico connects quickly and comfortably with the countries largest and most important cities.


Zacatecas  has mostly dry temperate weather. The average anual temperature is 15.4° C, the coldest months being December and January, and the hottest months,  May and June.


Our tourist attractions and historic buildings are a magical stage. The city of Zacatecas has an extraordinary art collection exhibited throughout ten museums. Zacatecas is a city full of light and color, where you can enjoy the historical buildings artistically illuminated in the evenings and many bars and discoteques nearby.

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