Improvements and New Projects

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OMA is committed to providing world class services and facilities for our clients and users, keeping our facilities in excellent condition. The airport is developed in accordance with a Master Development Plan, in coordination with the federal government. In addition, OMA carries out additional initiatives to expand the passenger terminals and carry out commercial development projects.

Important investments or new development projects at the Zacatecas airport:


  • Construction of the main access boulevard and gazebo.
  • Expansion and remodelling of the CREI building.
  • Construction of the concrete baseboard for perimeter fencing.
  • Upgrading of the asphalt paving for both roadways and general aviation platform.
  • Installation of alternate electric circuit for runway lighting.
  • Installation of semiautomatized ticketing equipment for the parking lot system.
  • Construction of fuel ramp.
  • Maintenance to perimeter road 3-A.
  • Horizontal signage at Runway 02-20.
  • Maintenance to emergency plants /generators.
  • Weeding at perimeter fencing and diverse operating areas.
  • Maintenance of parallel and surrounding ditches at runway 02-20.
  • Remodelling of Employee Cafeteria.
  • Remodelling of Main Entrance.
  • Upgrading of Multi-Use Conference Room at the Terminal Buidling.
  • Acquisition of a Support Unit.
  • Inauguration of Private Hangar.


  • Repaving of the comercial aviation platform.
  • Acquistion of elevator Terminal Building.
  • Construction of 1kilometer of perimeter road, final phase.
  • Upgrading of vertical signage for visual aid systems.
  • Acquisition of seating for Terminal Building lounges.
  • Acquisition of constant current regulators for runway lighting.
  • Upgrading of runway and taxiway lights for 1 watt economy lighting.
  • Acquisition of emergency plant / generator for visual aid system.
  • Construction of ramps and access for disabled persons.
  • Upgrading of PA system speakers.
  • Expansion of roadways and sidewalks in front of Terminal Building.
  • Installation of residual water treatment plant.
  • Construction of ditch for CREI practices.