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Torreon is called the Pearl of the Lagoon, after the Comarca Lagunera it forms a part of. It is a land focused on trascendence and the expansion of international enterprises already settled in the city. It is also known for its skilled workforce.

Geographic Location

The municipality of Torreon is located in southwestern Coahuila. It borders the municipality of Matamoros to the north, and the state of Durango both to the south and the west.


Torreon generally has desert weather, with an annual average temperature of 34° C. Hot air currents are common.


Torreon offers many tourist attractions for both business and pleasure travelers, with many options for recreation. Dance halls are common in the city, from exclusive discos to small bars where one can enjoy a good glass of wine or a beer amongst friends. The city has quite a bit of parks and public walkways that offer visitors and residents alike healthy and safe entertainment and contact with nature. Torreon also offers different venues of general interest to its public through its museums and theaters, which are internationally renown.

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