Improvements and New Projects

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OMA is committed to providing world class services and facilities for our clients and users, keeping our facilities in excellent condition. The airport is developed in accordance with a Master Development Plan, in coordination with the federal government. In addition, OMA carries out additional initiatives to expand the passenger terminals and carry out commercial development projects.

Important investments or development projects at the Torreon Airport:


  • Preventive and corrective maintenance to the elevators and stairs, without replacing parts.
  • Remodeling and expansion project for the CREI building.
  • Upgrading of horizontal signage on aeronautical use pavement.
  • Expansion of the treated water irrigation system /sprinkling system
  • Installation of the airport control tower light.
  • Air conditioning unit for general aviation.
  • Equipment installation for the residual water treatment plant.
  • Installation of alternate electrical circuit for runway lighting.


  • Preventive maintenance of the parking lot equipment/ infrastructure.
  • Installation of emergency electrical plant for visual aid /signage.
  • Installation of lighting system for the commercial and regional aviation platform and replacement of the aid transformer.
  • Upgrading of horizontal signage on airport paving.
  • Installation of protective lighting units on the runway.
  • Installation of check-in and gate counters.
  • Installation of vehicle control system for parking lot and supplementary work.
  • Upgrading of Alfa South taxiway and commercial aviation platform.
  • Research /study to obtain the runway bearing / friction coefficient.
  • Remodeling work for total accessibility.