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Tampico is a city dedicated to commerce and servicies where you can find large department stores and distribution centers. It is also an industrial city, and the oil and fishing industries are important to the region's economy.

Geographic Location

Tampico  is located on the south-eastern coast of the state of Tamaulipas, off the Gulf of Mexico, bordering with the state of Veracruz through the Panuco river. The municipalities of Altamira and Madero are part of the metropolitan area.


Tampico is a coastal city and with what is considered sub-humid tropical weather, warm to hot. It has an average anual temperature of 24° C, hitting highs of 37° C and lows of 9° C. Northern winds abound in fall and winter.


The Metro area (made up of Tampico, Ciudad Madera and Altamira) sees a lot of tourism since its the only region in Mexico and among the few in the world with access to two different ports with such a short distance between them: The Port of Tampico (commercial activity) and the Port of Altamira (industrial activity).

There are facilities for all kinds of sporting activities, but fishing and golf are the two sports which really itnerest the population as well as domestic and international tourists. For fishing lovers Tampico is Paradise, since they can practice their sport on rivers, lagoons and the open sea.

The city is an excellent place for  all types of entertainment activties for young and old: water parks, an natural reserve where you can observe different species in their natural habitat, and theme parks.

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