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OMA offers the best services to its customers at all its airports.


OMA directly operates the parking facilities at its airports. These parking facilities are a safe alternative for all users and passengers. All of them provide handicapped parking spaces and rates are determined by the time spent inside the parking garage.


For your convenience and safety at our airport you will find authorized taxi and transportation services. The rate for these services depends on where you are going to and the type of service (individual or collective transportation).

Car rentals

All our airports offer car rental services. The best companies in each city offer their services at our airports providing customers with all type of vehicles.

Intercity buses

Some of our airports offer intercity bus transportation services. Ticket booths are located at the terminal buildings. You could travel to cities near the airport or to bus stations where you could purchase a ticket to other destinations. This bus service will also take you to the airport, and these tickets could be purchase directly at the bus stations.

Hotels and Time shares

Some of the most important hotels have a customer service office at our airports, and some provide modules with direct lines for reservations. Without leaving the terminal you can make a reservation and enjoy the benefits that these hotels offer their customers.

Banks and ATMs

For your convenience and safety we provide international network ATMs at our airports, and bank offices at the Monterrey airport.

Money Exchange

Some of our airports provide money exchange services for the major currencies of the world.

Shoe polish

We provide shoe polish service at some of our airports.

VIP lounges

Some of the airlines operating at our airports provide VIP lounges to their frequent flyer passengers. VIP lounges are located at the terminal building in the boarding gate area

Ticket Sales
For your convenience and safety you will be able to get ticket inside the airport

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