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The city of San Luis Potosi is considered the tenth largest metropolitan area in the country. It is an important commercial and industrial area in central Mexico. It's located in an economically privileged area, in the middle of a “triangle” formed by the three larges and most important cities in the country: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Geographic Location

San Luis Potosi is the state capital of San Luis Potosi and its most important city. This municipality is located in the central plain, 363 kilomenters north-northwest of Mexico City.


The weather in the state of San Luis Potosi varies according to the region. The state capital has mild  but dry climate, with the warmest season from March to October and a cold period from November to February.


San Luis Potosi is a city of great historical interest due to its beautiful historic downtown area, in the Baroque style. It's one of Mexico's official candidates for UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2007.

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