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Monterrey is the state capital of Nuevo Leon, and one of the three most important cities in Mexico for commerce and industry.

Geographic location

Also known as “The City in the Mountains”, Monterrey is surrounded by the Cerro de la Silla, the Loma Larga, the Topo Chico, the Cerro de las Mitras and the Sierra Madre Oriental. It is located in the heart of Nuevo Leon, in the north.


The state of Nuevo Leon has extreme weather—it can be at 30° C one day and at 3° C the next—but warm temperatures prevail. Monterrey is generally hot and dry, with a rainy season that runs from June to September. The coldest month of the year is January.


Monterrey offers a wide variety of attratctions, including museums, distinctive architecture, and beautiful natural areas outside the city. At the Macroplaza you can find several museums that bear witness to four centuries of history. Monterrey has many impressive places and hosts different national and international events, as well as extensive nighlife.

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