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OMA airports have the necessary infrastructure to provide general aviation services. Some services are provided by third parties and some directly by our airports. Services include:

Landing and one half hour parking on platform

This service is offered at every airport. The fare is determined by the weight (tons) and every half hour of parking. The rate varies depending on the time of arrival at the airport (during normal hours or extended hours).  

Long term or overnight parking on platform

This service is offered at every airport and the fare is determined per by ton and hour parking.

Airplane parking

Airplane parking at platform or hangar.


Food and beverages supply for crew and passengers.

Dispatch (Flight Plans)

Weather report, flight planning coordination, weight and balance.

Major Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs, including accessories, systems and parts.

Routine Maintenance Inspection on Platform

Preflight and post flight services, transit, overnight, logbook reports.

Ramp Services

Airplane towing, water loading and unloading, handling of cargo and mail, passenger boarding, platform signage, electricity, lubricants, oils, air preconditioning, catering, defreeze and antifreeze, engine start, and airplane dispatch.


Passenger, luggage, cargo and mail check-in, flight preparation, counters, calling messages, passenger boarding, close of flight, and arrival passengers handling.

Passenger service at hangar and VIP lounge

Lounges, conference and TV rooms, passengers and pilots accommodation, food, magazines and newspapers, internet, telephone and fax services. 

Coordination, brokerage, and service payment

Coordinate services provided to the airplane such as ramp, traffic, dispatch, fuel, etc. Payment of landing, airport and long hold fees. Payment of immigration services, and permits from authorities such as DGAC and SENEAM.

Leasing services for non-air transportation users

Space leasing services for users that are not airlines or air taxis. This service is provided by the airports. The service is charged monthly depending on the square meters and the type of the rental space. The spaces available at the airports are the following:
  • Hangar

    • For airplane parking and maintenance
  • Platform

    • For airplane and machinery parking
  • Land

    • For the construction of hangars, platforms, offices, warehouses, parking facilities, among other
  • Offices in and outside the terminals

    • For administrations or operations
  • Storage in and outside the terminals

    • For storage of part, documents, etc.

Access to the federal zone for public ground transportation

This service is offered by the airports and the fare depends on type of event and the type of vehicles that will be used. The following are the types of vehicles:
  • Passenger and tourist vehicle

    • Van
    • Bus
  • Cargo transportation

    • Pickups and trucks up to 8 tons
    • Trucks of more than 8 tons

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