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Durango is the fourth largest state in Mexico and it covers 6.3% of the nation's territory. It's ranked second in the country in gold and silver production, third in lead, fifth in copper and sixth in zinc production.

Geographic location

The city of Durango is the county seat and state capital, all bearing the same name. It's located on a plain in the eastern or valley region.


Local weather is quite dry and semi-warm, but it gets cooler and more humid in the mountains, down to semi-cold in the highest peaks. Temperatures can go to extremes, from -14° C in the winter, at heights of over 3000 meters, to temperatures over 41° C in the semidsertic summer. August rains in the valleys and mountains are a sight to behold.


Durango has many varied attractions. It has two biosphere reserves with abundant wildlife, cave paintings at archeological sites, and architectural jewels left by missionaries and settlers. Well kept colonial buildings can be found in the city, as well as museums that showcase the city's history and tepehuano art.
As anu modern city, Durango offers a varied and eclectic nightlife. Visitors can enjoy night clubs, coffee bar, pubs, among other, especially ones with different styles of music from north of México.

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