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At OMA we believe that encouraging the arts and helping develop culture contribute to moments of relaxation that feed the spirit. That is why at our airports you can find different expositions, such as sculpture, paintings, photgraphy, etc. 

The following workds are found at the Ciudad Juarez Airport: 

"The Semantic Proximity between Two Objects"

Rubén Gutiérrez

"The Semantic Proximity between Two Objects" Series created by the author expressly to exhibit at the Monterrey Airport in 2005. The installation is 24 prints in 50 x 60 cm. light boxes each. 
Three of these pieces are now part of the Ciudad Juarez Airport Cultural Space. 

In “The Semantic Proximity Between Two Objects”, the author reflected formal and conceptual preocupations or concerns. One is the conscience of history as filed information, another is the ability of the artist to be a DJ that selects what interests and intringues him among everything in existence and that had been produced previously. Lastly, the ability of “fiction” to represent what happens in what we call reality or everyday life. These images build non linear fiction and a metaphor of the presence and absence of reflection about our idea of reality, language and conscience.