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Ciudad Juárez is the most important city in Chihuahua state, its the most important border town, and the sixth largest in the country. It has Mexico's the most important industrial infrastructure. Hundreds of multinational comanies have settled in this productive city due to its easy acces to the United States od America and its qualifies and skilled work force.

Geographic location

Ciudad Juárez also known as Paso del Norte, is localted in the middle of the desert, by the Rio Grande at the border with the United States.


The weather at this border town is arid, dry and prone to extreme temperatures since it's mostly desert. High temperatures abound in the summer, frequently going over 40° C. In the winter it can go down to as low as -10° C.


Ciudad Juárez has become the premier stop for business travelers wishing to establish comercial relationships with world class companies located along the border, as it offers great infrastructure, multiple hotels, electrifying nightlife, cozy restaurants and wonderful tourist attractions.

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