Improvements and New Projects

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OMA is committed to providing world class services and facilities for our clients and users, keeping our facilities in excellent condition. The airport is developed in accordance with a Master Development Plan, in coordination with the federal government. In addition, OMA carries out additional initiatives to expand the passenger terminals and carry out commercial development projects.

Important investments or development projects in the Acapulco airport:


  • Construction of the heliport and rehabilitation of the overnight platform.
  • Second stage of the air conditioning system replacement.
  • Replacement of the hydraulic concrete slabs in the operations areas of the Airport.
  • Replacement of the visual aids regulators.
  • Replacement of the baggage belts in the international baggage claim.
  • Replacement of the jetbridge in position no. 6.
  • Construction of the perimeter road.
  • Construction of the perimeter fence.
  • Installation of lighting posts at the commercial platform (in progress).


  • Installation of a fire prevention network.
  • Adaptation of total accesibility facilities, construction of SUE ramp to platform.
  • Installation of the air conditioning system for the last waiting lounge. (departure gate)
  • Construction of perimeter fencing with concrete baseboard and steel fence.
  • Installation of the flash system, replacing 15 approximation units.
  • Installation of 2 vertically elevating platforms for accesibility.
  • Installation of the sound and PA system, includes equipment in the Terminal building.
  • Remodelling of the final waiting lounges including replacement of lighting units, electrical installations and fire extinguishing system.