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The Board of Directors is responsible for management oversight and legal representation of the company. Its responsibilities include:

  • defining the general business strategy;
  • approving the annual business plan, budget, and capital investments program of OMA and its subsidiaries;
  • approving any capital investments not included in the annual budget;
  • proposing increases in the capital stock for OMA and its subsidiaries; and 
  • approving the 5 year Master Development Programs (including any modificarions) for each of OMA's airports, to be presented to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).


Board members were changed at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 16, 2013, being composed as follows:

Diego Quintana Kawage  Chairman and Director appointed by SETA
Luis G. Zazueta Domínguez  Independent Director
Luis F. Zárate Rocha  Director
Alonso Quintana Kawage  Director appointed by SETA
Elsa B. García Bojorges  Independent Director
Ricardo Gutiérrez Muñoz  Independent Director
Carlos Guzmán Bofill  Independent Director
Alberto Mulás Alonso  Independent Director
José Luis Guerrero Álvarez  Director
Sergio F. Montaño León  Director
Laurent Galzy
Jacques Follain (Alternate)
 Alternate Director appointed by SETA